iFiddle Update

iFiddle Update




Recently, iFiddle Magazine has changed hosting companies. Everything now is being done on Amazon AWS. I lost everything on the previous sites, ifiddlemusic.com and ifiddlemag.com. This has caused a lot of issues as I’m having to rebuild everything from the beginning again. Fortunately, I have all the issues saved on my drive. This was unfortunate and I hope everyone can bear with iFiddle as we build up the site once again.

Thanks for being a loyal supporter of iFiddle. If you can donate any amount to help that would be a wonderful thing. I’m retired now and basically on a fixed income and don’t have the funds to maintain this magazine unless some revenue starts coming in. For those who have donated, THANK YOU!, for those who can donate, THANK YOU!.

The fiddle community is the best on the planet. Thanks again for supporting iFiddle Magazine. And may the force be with you!


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Mike is the editor and publisher of iFiddle Magazine. A magazine for fiddlers by fiddlers. The best fiddlers on the planet appear in iFiddle Magazine
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